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A Christmas celebration at Birdifi Bridge!

What a wonderful way to finish the year, celebrating Christmas with our amazing Self-Employment Assistance participants.

Birdifi Bridge was thrilled to host our very first Christmas Event on The Hub's beautiful rooftop, in Brisbane City, on the 9th of December. Approximately 20 people attended, what we considered, a very successful Christmas afternoon tea and networking event.

It was the perfect opportunity for our team to meet with our inspiring participants and get a better understanding of their business goals and challenges. It was also a great opportunity for our guests to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and make valuable connections.

One of our soon to be participants, Breanna Einfalt from Seed and Sow Digital, was incredibly lucky, winning the door prize, which was a stunning Couverture chocolate Christmas tree centrepiece. This amazing piece was created by the talented Sam Higgins, from Sugar Man Confectionary.

Also a special thank you to both, Amy Bonney from The Art of Joy, who bought along her fabulous art work to showcase, and the amazingly talented Leo Hooker who performed his original song for us.

Birdifi Bridge would like to say, thank you, to all of you who attended and made it a special day and we look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming networking events.

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