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Customer Feedback

At Birdifi Bridge we value the feedback of our customers. We are open and willing to listen, engage and improve. If you have feedback to give, you can fill out the form below. If you would prefer to speak to someone in person you can call us on 1800 841 828.


Feedback ranges from compliments, to comments, suggestions and even complaints. We aim for all our decisions and actions to be timely, reasonable and appropriate. However, we recognise that we might occasionally get it wrong or could do things better.


If you have a complaint to make, we are sorry we have let you down. But rest assured, we take your feedback seriously and have an established process to deal with complaints. Our complaints process aims to provide appropriate and timely resolution of complaints, it also ensures that a Director of the business will review your complaint. Our complaints process follows 5 steps:


  1. Acknowledge. Once we receive a complaint, we will contact the complainant to acknowledge the complaint.

  2. Assess. We will assess and assign priority to the complaint. Many straightforward complaints can be resolved at this stage.

  3. Investigate. For more complex complaints, we may need to investigate further. This could include collecting more information and further understanding the concerns of the complainant. We will always do so with the aim of resolving the issue and providing an appropriate remedy.

  4. Respond. When we have assessed and/or investigated the complaint, we will respond to the complainant. We will provide information on any findings and explain how we have reached our decision. Where appropriate the response will also consider a remedy.

  5. Follow-up. We will follow-up with a complainant. If the complainant is not satisfied, we will outline further available internal and external review options. Where appropriate, this could include referring the complainant to the National Customer Service Line for the Department of Education, Skills and Employment.  


We are committed to continual learning and improvement, so at the conclusion of the complaint we will consider whether appropriate opportunities have been identified to improve or refine our processes.  

Feedback Form

We Value Your Feedback

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