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ESL Reads double their profit in six months!

Embarking on an entrepreneurial venture is no small feat, however, ESL Reads founder, Lauren Piovesan, had a passion and clear vision when it came to launching her business.  ESL Reads was founded in 2022 and provides accessible English learning materials via a ‘digital resource library’ to teachers and paperback books to Libraries. 


While launching her own business has been rewarding, it hasn’t always been easy. Lauren says that “It’s really exhausting & isolating operating your own business as there are so many new skills you need to develop and tasks you need to juggle (you are essentially doing 5 or 6 different jobs in one!).


Also, coming from a teaching background, Lauren had a knowledge gap when it came to marketing and financial management.  This led her to seek external support from Birdifi Bridge.


Small Business Coaching with Birdifi Bridge equipped Lauren with additional knowledge and guidance to propel her on her journey. 


Lauren found the following points, about Small Business Coaching, the most beneficial. 

  • My coach encouraged me to be confident in my product.

  • I finally got my business plan completed.

  • Using the cash flow template I was able to track my financials.

  • My coach:

  • Gave me marketing ideas including how to broaden my target audience.

  • Helped me with sales tips focussing on the right language to use when creating a sales pitch.

  • Encouraged me to do cold calling and email campaigns to generate leads.

  • And if your coach doesn’t have the expertise, they’ll ask other Birdifi Bridge coaches to share their knowledge with you.   


Whilst Lauren is extremely driven, she said that “it’s useful having someone, with a business lens, to bounce ideas around with and get clarity about which direction to take”.


With these new skills and support, Lauren has been able to stay motivated, increase her sales and build a more robust customer base. Birdifi Bridge continues to support Lauren, ensuring ESL Reads remains on a trajectory of growth and success. We feel privileged to have been part of her journey and we’re happy to celebrate her many achievements with her; including doubling ESL Reads profits within the last six months.


We say, "Congratulations Lauren and here’s to ESL Reads continued success and impact on the world of education!"


If you would like to learn more about ESL Reads you can head to her website

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