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About Us

​We are here to help the ever increasing number of brave Australian entrepreneurs and small business owners, giving it a go! Whether you aspire to entrepreneurship, you have a start-up, are a sole trader, or run a micro or small business - we understand the guts and 'grit' it takes to start, maintain and grow your own business and we applaud you.


Entrepreneurship can be challenging but sometimes all you need is "someone in your corner" - to share knowledge, experience and tried and tested solutions to accelerate your journey to success - this is where we come in. 


We understand that starting and running a successful business is so much more than just the business idea and execution, it really takes a whole of life approach and as an entrepreneur you can't segregate life from business. It is this experience and understanding that has shaped our service vision 'to be a life and business incubator'. We hold this belief core to everything we do and as we design and deliver tailored services that make a real difference to entrepreneurial success.

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Our Team.

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Each of our team members brings significant experience, skills and strengths to Birdifi Bridge. Skills that include expertise in business, international trade (export/import), finance and accounting, strategy and business planning, human resources, communication, teaching, mentoring, marketing, and design. Also, entrepreneurial in spirit many of of the team members have successfully started and run their own businesses.


The team has a depth of experience across a broad range of industries including retail, manufacturing, education and not for profit and construction. But more than this, each member of the team is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom through self employment. We understand what it takes to start a new business, and we are here to help you succeed. 

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Why Choose Birdifi Bridge

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We are start-up and small business experts, with a real understanding of what it takes to be successful. We 'walk the walk'.

We are passionate about helping you and your business succeed. Quite simply: your success is our measure of success.

We remove the barriers to your success, by providing free business accelerators including regular networking events.

We take a holistic approach to entrepreneurship, focusing on both the business and the founder. Because you can't have success in one without success in the other.

Our approach is focused on action and iteration. You can't just plan your way to success, you need to implement your plan and play in order to win.

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