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Mandarella Publishing and Productions has just published its 4th book!

Mandy from Mandarella Publishing and Productions, has just published a book called “Acid Pops: Mirella Castle Investigates” - the fourth book in a racy crime series set in Brisbane.  Currently in Pre-production Mandy will launch her new book in the next couple of months. In addition, Mandy has another book under consideration at a major publisher, which is very exciting. 


Mandy has a drama and English degree and for many years worked as a performer and writer, all the while dreaming of turning her passion into her own business.  Despite having an entrepreneurial spirit, theatrical flair and a bundle creativity Mandy knew she also needed “business guidance” to get her business idea up off the ground.  Up until this point she had been “winging it”, not really knowing how to promote her services or products and get results.


Business training with Birdifi Bridge’s mentors Georgi and Cheryl helped her to understand what her products and services were, and how best to market them. Mandy attended Birdifi Bridge's Website and Branding course and with this new understanding, redesigned her website, differentiating her products (books) and services (performing, speaking and presenting) which made a huge difference. 


Also, learning to write Pitch Letters has been invaluable, leading to gigs performing as Town Crier at the St Stephen’s Cathedral Goodwill Markets, the Abbey Medieval Festival and Caboolture Historic Village.


Mandy says “Thank you Birdifi Bridge, for giving me the confidence to concentrate on learning to run my business. I still have a long way to go in building my business, but I have a plan and some skills now, to keep going in the right direction to achieve success”.


Birdifi Bridge is so proud of Mandy that we wanted to share this exciting news with the world. 


If you would like to read more about Mandarella Publishing and Productions, you can head to her website

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