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The perfect blend for success

Layla is a dedicated aromatherapist offering tailored aromatherapy treatments designed to meet the unique health needs of her clients. With a deep passion for holistic wellness, Layla’s approach integrates the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to enhance both physical and emotional well-being.

As a small business owner, Layla faced several barriers, including the need to consolidate her business approach and effectively target her efforts. She wanted to enhance her knowledge of online marketing and website building to reach a broader audience, but she needed help. That is where Birdifi Bridge came in.

"Birdifi Bridge have been supportive, informative and consistent," Layla says. "They helped me find my target demographic and saw my potential through a different lens. Their understanding of marketing and building a business online has been priceless for me. I'm so glad I participated in the Self-Employment Assistance program”.

Since joining the small business coaching program, Layla is close to reaching her financial goals. She now has a clear and targeted path to follow, which she can replicate and build upon. "I've built an impressive website, made new contacts, and secured regular work within my target demographic," Layla shares. "I have a business model I can now follow and know which direction I'm heading in."

Birdifi Bridge celebrates all of Layla’s achievements as she takes flight on her entrepreneurial journey. Well done, Layla!

If you would like learn more about Layla or her Aromatherapy business please visit her website

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