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A self-employment workshop in a modern office

Birdifi Bridge
Life and Business Incubator 

Workforce Australia Service Provider - Self-Employment Assistance

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Bridging the Gap
For Small Business

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We Applaud You

If you are amongst the ever increasing number of brave Australian entrepreneurs and small business owners, we applaud you. 

We know it takes guts to back yourself and we understand the mental and physical "grit" it takes to start, maintain and grow your own business.


To us you're the courageous champions "giving it a go" and we want nothing more than to see you succeed.

Birdifi Bridge Workshop
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Small Business Owner
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We're Here to Help You Succeed

So, you have a great business idea or you've already started a business but you're not sure how to move forward on your journey? We can help! 

Birdifi Bridge is a business and life incubator with a difference.  We choose to only work with people who have a growth mindset, who are eager to learn, ready to pivot and want to grow.  We'll teach you the universal and fundamental rules for creating and building a successful business and life.

Are you ready to take flight?

Hatching a Plan >>> Flying High

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We will guide and support you on every step of the journey

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We Can Help You

At every phase of your business journey


Accelerator Workshop

This comprehensive 5-day course is specifically designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to launch their own successful businesses. Whether you're looking to escape the 9-to-5 grind or bring your innovative ideas to life, our hands-on workshop covers everything you need to know, from generating and validating business ideas to creating a strong brand and navigating the legal and financial aspects of starting a business.


Catalyst  Session

Reap the benefit of connecting with a Biridifi Bridge expert business advisor to assess how your business is performing, and identify strategic ways you can break through your businesses' "glass ceiling".

Our Catalyst Session is normally delivered 1:1 in a single 3hr session, but could be held in multiple smaller sessions. You will be required to do some pre-work prior to the session.

Mentoring for

Business Growth

Connect with an expert business mentor - someone who has 'walked the walk' before! Your mentor will provide 1:1 mentoring and support with a focus on business growth as well personal development along your founders journey - after all, a strong start-up needs a strong founder. You can also take advantage of accelerator services including weekly networking. We will tailor a package to suit your circumstances.

1:1 Business

Advice Session

Get targeted advice relating to your business idea or existing business from someone who has done it before.


Each session is delivered 1:1 over an hour and is a great option for anyone wanting to chat about their business, but not invest in regular mentoring. To get the most from our experts, you will need to provide supporting material about your business before the session.

Mentor Panel

Advice Session

Present your business challenge or opportunity to a panel of experienced business experts for their input and advice; delivered over an hour session.


To get the most from our experts, you will need to provide supporting material about your business and the particular challenge or opportunity before your session. This means the experts can come prepared to provide catalytic advice.

Small Business Networking 

Strive for success and join our our weekly guided networking events which  offer peer to peer support, learning and advice to help your business thrive.   


Networking with other like-minded individuals is an effective tool for gaining valuable connections and in-turn business growth opportunities. It also offers an opportunity to learn from others like you and a safe place to practice pitching and public speaking skills. 

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We can Help you too. 

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Time to Take Flight

Be Your


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